Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What next?

The college ministry is close to being finished with the sex series - just a couple more weeks. Any ideas on what to cover next? A book? Another topic? We've covered the first few chapters of Revelation and sex this summer ... where do you go from there?!


Lee Jones said...

The college ministry covered sex? I thought that would be more of a high school thing.

Well, here's a few ideas:

Ethics -- "what would you do if" propositions, with the students talking it out, then being guided into thinking biblically about a topic. You could cover things like pregnancy, non-Christian friends who make ill advised choices, stuff like that.

Prayer -- a practical approach to prayer, including the object, reason, expectations, mechanics, and practice of prayer.

Worship -- much the same as above.

Justin said...

If I was confident it wasn't an issue beyond HS I'd be more than happy to leave it alone, but I'm pretty certain it isn't. I didn't make it to service on Sunday, but I saw the notes and it seems it is still an issue for adults, too.

Thanks for some ideas, though.