Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ordination #2, Art. 2b: Theology Proper, Attributes

In addition to being triune, God is eternal and infinitely perfect in His attributes. There is never a time when God did not exist in His perfection. He was there in the beginning (Gen. 1.1; Ps. 90.2) and He has always been. God’s infinite perfection bears itself out in His omnipresence (Ps. 137.7-12; Jer. 23.23-24), His timelessness (Ps. 90.1-2; Jude 25; Isa. 44.6; Rev. 1.8), His omniscience (Ps. 147.5; Prov. 15.3; Mt. 10.29-30; Mt. 11.21 – knowledge of things possible), and His omnipotence (Jer. 32.17; Mt. 19.26; Acts 17.26; Ps. 115.3). God’s greatness in these areas is eternal. It does not change (Ps. 102.26-27; Mal. 3.6). God is not only infinite and eternal in His attributes of greatness; He is also infinitely good. He is holy, both in terms of being unique, set apart (Ex. 15.11; Isa. 6.1-4) and in His purity (Hab. 1.13; Job 34.12; Lev. 11.44-45). This holiness is applied in perfect righteousness (Ps. 19.7-9; Jer. 9.24) and perfect justice (Dt. 7.9-10 – for both sides of justice; Ps. 58.11; Rom. 12.9). God is the true God (Jn. 17.3; Jer. 10.10) who tells the truth (1 Sam. 15.29; Jn. 17.17), and proves Himself faithful (Num. 23.19; 1 Thess. 5.24). God’s love is perfect in His benevolence (Dt. 7.7-8; Jn. 3.16; Mt. 5.45 – “general benevolence”), His abundant grace to the undeserving (Eph. 2.7-9; Ex. 34.6), His tender mercy toward the needy (Ps. 103.13; Mt. 9.36), and His slowness to anger that people might repent (Ps. 86.15; 1 Pt. 3.20; 2 Pt. 3.9), but His wrath rests upon those who do not (Dt. 9.7-8; Jn. 3.36). Given God’s greatness, He is deserving of all honor and, as such, it is appropriate that He be jealous if He doesn’t receive the honor due Him (Isa. 48.11).

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