Friday, May 25, 2007

The Seven Churches: Holiness in Thyatira

What are common ethical temptations in your work or personal life?

What are the Thyatirans doing well?

Who is Jezebel in the Old Testament? (See 1 Kgs. 16.29-34; 19.1-2; 21.4-16) What is “Jezebel” doing in Thyatira?

How does sin tolerated in a group affect the larger group? The testimony of all believers?

How have the Thyatirans responded to Jezebel’s deception? How do we respond to Jezebels in our lives?

What’s going to happen to Jezebel? Her followers?

What does it mean to be repaid “according to your deeds”? (See Jer. 17.10; Mt. 16.27; Rom. 2.6; 1 Pt. 1.17; Ps. 62.12)

What do you think that it means that another burden will not be added?

What’s promised to those who hold on?

Personal Reflection
Where might you, like Jezebel, be putting the culture’s ethic above God’s? What should you do about it?

Who is a Jezebel to you, leading you contrary to God’s ethic? What should you do?

Is there anyone you’re a Jezebel to, leading them contrary to God’s ethic? What should you do?

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