Monday, November 19, 2007

Tell Me Something About Mary

I’m starting off the Christmas series for our church this Sunday and I’m teaching on Mary. While she’s obviously vital to the Christmas story, we evangelicals tend to shy away from her. I know where I’m going with the message, but I’m open to any insight you have, or experience, on how Mary’s story and life have impacted and directed your journey with God.


G said...

Does anyone ever leave you comments? Poor Justin. Anyways...I taught on Mary last year for the Youth Group and something that really struck me was how brave Mary was to follow God's will even in the face of death. It also struck me how faithful Joseph was to God and Mary. Just a thought. Have a great Thanksgiving! (It's Carrie, not Sam writing this)

Justin said...

Thanks, Carrie. Lee sometimes leaves comments, but I blog mostly as a self-discipline. It helps me, when I'm disciplined about doing it, process what I'm reading a little more. That way, if I comment on it, I know someone might read it and I'll be less flippant and more careful with my thinking. It turns out the someone is usually just Lee ... and you on ocassion. Not even my mom:(!