Thursday, December 13, 2007

Choose Your Weapon!

I ordered a bunch of stuff from a book publisher a few years ago (not sure which one) so they sent me a slim volume called A Mind for God by James Emery White for free. The only reason I’ve picked it up as of late is because I am always trying to find a good list of what I should read next. He has a list of books on “the great conversation” as an index. Anyway, as I’m slowly working through this little book he talks about building a library as an armory (hence, the title) in the world of ideas as we strive to have a solid Christian mind in our world.

If I get time, which is always a big “if,” particularly with Christmas shopping yet to be done, I want to highlight a couple of my favorite books for the year. Mostly as a review. I looked back at my reading list last year and couldn’t believe how much I read and how little I remembered. Maybe a little look back will be helpful in revisiting them at least a little bit.

Until then, what has been your favorite book of the year and why? What is your choice new weapon from your armory?

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