Friday, February 8, 2008

Portraits of Jesus: Introduction

Mark Driscoll has a great introduction in his series, Vintage Jesus, on cultural perceptions of Jesus. I used a lot of this material for the intro to our series down here in Cypress. Check it out.

I imagine the responses to Driscoll’s cultural survey are varied. Some are horrified at the irreverence. Some find it thought-provoking. Others thought nothing of it. Some liked it. One of the common themes we see is an informality with Jesus … My Homeboy. The world sees Jesus in a positive light, so long as He’s their buddy, one of the guys.

Some are thinking, “Right on. That’s right!” Others are troubled when there’s a little too much familiarity with Jesus. Where do you draw the line? We’ll begin to explore this issue in the next post before we look at a couple of portraits of Jesus from our sermon series here at Cypress.

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