Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Samaritan Challenge

Thursday night we studied the story of the Good Samaritan. We learned that rather than asking who our neighbor is, Jesus wants us to be a neighbor and serve those around us - regardless of who they are. So I laid out the Good Samaritan Challenge. Here it is.
Anonymously share your stories under the Comments (lower right) how this week you...

Saw a need (large or small) and met it.
Served someone you don’t like and/or makes you uncomfortable.
Tell what you did.
Tell how you felt about that person as you were serving them.
Tell us what Jesus taught you.


Anonymous said...

This surely isn't on the level of Good Samaritan service. It may not qualify as service at all, but God used this project to help me at least do something I should always do.

I was at a place I go to frequently. I'll often say "Have a good evening, morning, etc..." to the workers as I'm leaving. There's one guy who usually wears a scowl and never responds. I've grown to dislike him and just not say anything when I leave. Why not, it just seems to annoy him when I do.

But last week I said, "Have a good evening" because of this project. And he gave an energetic response wishing me the same. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not to say we're all of a sudden best friends (I don't even know his name), but I'm no longer able to write this guy off because I think he's done the same to me. I wonder if I've done this with anyone else?

Anonymous said...

So I was headed into the computer lab to finish this huge project due the next day and this was the only time I allowed myself to finish it (not the greatest idea). But right as I walked in I noticed my friend was tearing up over the sink, she had sliced her finger with and exacto blade and it was bleeding alot. I rushed over to help her but I don't know first aid well enough to tell her what to do. She dosen't have a car so I drove her to the emergency room. (We are mostly friends because we have a lot of classes together and spend so much time together, but she is actually really difficult to be around because her personality is so negative, one of my pet peeves is constant complaining) So I stayed with her at the hospital for over 5 hours and didn't have time to finish my project. I would like to think I would have taken her even if we didn't have this challenge, because I really needed to finish that assignment.

Justin said...

That's a great story. Legitimate, practical sacrifice to care for someone with legitimate need - in this case physical like the victim in the Good Samaritan. Thanks for sharing.