Thursday, May 21, 2009

Origins + Labs: “Right-Brain Leadership”

I liked Mark Batterson. He seems like a solid guy and I enjoyed that he walked through the Scriptures. I don’t want to go through it all again so I’ll hit on some bullets that I most enjoyed.

1. One of their core values is “everything’s an experiment.” Keeps them innovating and not afraid to fail.
2. There’s a challenge to keep things positive. Each meeting he has with his staff starts with “sharing wins.” I might do this at staff meeting, but I’m definitely making this part of what we do in our small group on Sunday evenings.
3. Sometimes God gives a dream, but we don’t see how it is going to add up. Let God do the math. You step out in faith. God asks, “Do you think I can’t take care of you?”
4. Batterson prayer walks. That will be part of what we do as a small group. I was thinking it before. This was confirmation.
5. Quoting Andy Stanley: “You’ll never be more than 80% certain.”
6. My Biggest Takeaway: This conference isn’t about information. It’s about having someone give you a push. Consider yourself pushed.”
7. Live with a holy anticipation that God can change everything in a moment.
8. Be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. Give God control and He’ll do stuff out of nowhere.

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