Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Father in heaven…

I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s Tell It Slant. It talks about how Jesus uses language in His parables and prayers. The first half is His parables in Luke and it was fine, but I selected the book for the prayers. It is my “prayer book” for the year. In this section he starts with the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. I’ll give a couple quotes that I found helpful. Maybe they’ll help you, too.

“Get used to this: Father. The oldest and most implacable enemy in the practice of prayer is depersonalization, turning prayer into a technique, using prayer as a device. … The question [“How do I pray effectively?”] distorts what is fundamentally a personal relation inot an impersonal technique” (p. 169).
Prayer is a challenge for me. This is so elementary, but it is a powerful reminder as I can fall into the very trap Peterson warns against.

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