Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sports Break

There have been plenty of years to call Seattle sports boring. Two years ago was absolutely abysmal, losing the Sonics to Oklahoma City, the Mariners losing 100+ games, and the Seahawks only garnering 4 wins.

I’ve dealt with losing the Sonics and the Mariners made great strides last year. There was much to be optimistic about as baseball season ended and the Seahawks were expected to bounce back and contend. They didn’t. Another miserable season. But the offseasons for the ‘Hawks and the Mariners have not been at all boring.

The Mariners have been absolutely amazing this offseason. The Seahawks have decided to get in the ‘making-news-in-the-offseason’ fray.

They’ve sacked Jim Mora and it looks like they’re on their way to signing Pete Carroll away from USC. I’m not sure how much I like this move. I’m warming up to it a little, but there are concerns. He was barely .500+ as a pro coach, but he’s had great success in running the USC program for the last decade. Running a program, which is beyond just coaching, may help him run the Seahawk organization – because it seems he coming here to do more than just coach. I don’t know enough about what it takes to run a college program so I could be way off.

I’m not excited, but I wouldn’t know, unless it was a big name (Holmgren, Cowher), whether any move was good because I don’t know the lesser names. Here are some links to the Seattle response on the matter.

Steve Kelley (Seattle Times)

Field Gulls (Seahawk fan blog) Radio Seattle

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