Saturday, February 20, 2010

A challenging missions quote

I’m working on putting together a sermon series and was directed to George Eldon Ladd’s The Gospel of the Kingdom for help. I read the book in a couple days – not very impressive, it’s pretty small – and this was a great challenge to put near the end of the slender volume.

“My concern is not with closed doors; my concern is with the doors that are open which we do not enter. If God’s people were really faithful and were doing everything possible to finish the task, God would see to it that the doors were opened. Our responsibility is the many doors standing open which we are not entering. We are a disobedient people. We argue about the definition of world-wide evangelization and we debate the details of eschatology, while we neglect the command of the World of God to evangelize the world.”
It’s a challenging word. Instead of worrying about all the doors that are closed, are you walking through the doors that God has opened to you where you are right now?

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