Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Traditions

After Young Adult Ministry on Thursday the host of our home mentioned how cluttered Easter can get with eggs and bunnies and we can miss out on what it's all about. Flipping through TV channels later that night I ran into a South Park episode addressing the same thing. (Good question, despite the irreverence.) These things got me thinking more critically about what we do for Easter. How do we keep our girls (and us, really) focused on the fact that Jesus conquered death and not about bunnies, Peeps (which I love), and eggs?

My question for you is this: "What traditions does your family have to keep focused on the real meaning of Easter? Or what are some ideas you have for what you'd like your family to do?"


That Guy said...

This comment has nothing to do with the Post.

Where are you publishing your Doctrinal Thesis? I want to read it... NOW!

Justin said...

All of the posts that start with "Ordination" are the doctrinal thesis. The "Article" numbers correspond to the EFCA doctrinal statement, which is why I have Article 1 completed and #7 started (I did this one next because I'm working on a pamphlet for baptism and Lord's Supper for our church). The number after "Ordination" refers to the section of the paper. "Ordination #1" is my testimony. "Ordination #2" is the EFCA doctrinal statment. "Ordination #3" will be contemporary theological issues. I hope you enjoy the reading and I'd love any questions of clarification (I'll try to check more regularly) or content. Better to work some of my shortcomings out now than during the oral exams. Thanks for your interest.

That Guy said...

I've copied all of them over into a word document (so it's all in one place) and when I get a chance to read through them, I'll critically analyze the daylights out of all of it.
I also did that for the Reformission. That seems like an interesting series I'll have to sink my teeth into.

Concerning Baptism:
What do you think on the non-submersion baptisms? Is it adequate for the Lord? or in certain situations does just the sprinkling or metaphoric act mean just as much?

Justin said...

Check the baptism post "down" just a couple entries so I can keep it on that thread.