Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cultivating Awe in Creation

Peterson’s book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, focuses on Christ playing in three places, primarily – Creation, History, and Community. He spends many pages articulating the importance of being thankful and awe-filled when it comes to creation. Then he looks at the life of Jesus in John’s gospel as building on the creation narrative of Genesis (at least Jn. 1 & Gen. 1). But this time it is the overflow of life that comes from the Creator stepping into creation. Beyond this, we’re called into relationship with this Creator who is very much grounded in our creation. There is no room for Gnosticism here. Creation is God’s good gift and His means of revealing Himself in Christ.

But after all this talk of creation, gratitude, glory, incarnation, and life, the question is raised, “How do we cultivate the appropriate awe?” The answer: Sabbath.

Peterson notes it is a time where we do-nothing so we do our God-honoring. It is a time to remember that the world does not revolve around us. As competent as we may be doing our God-given work, we remember that God really holds it all together. We need to put the tools down and rest in Him. Not just rest; worship. Adore. Be filled with awe.

Is your Sabbath filled with awe? I know my Sundays are filled with to-dos and church responsibilities, but I get a semi-Sabbath on Saturday mornings. I rest, read what I want, relax. It is wonderfully recharging (and thanks to a fantastic wife who makes it happen), but do I cultivate awe? And, how does not being in a corporate setting affect that ability to cultivate awe?

What’s your Sabbath like? Is it awe-filled? May it be increasingly so, particularly during this Christmas season.

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