Friday, December 19, 2008

The Map Discussion

Cypress Church Leaders,

Post your questions/comments on the map in the comment thread. Remember that there might be a delay because I moderate the comments so I don't post a virus for everyone to click on. If you can't figure out how, or you don't want to register to post, send me an email and I'll post it on your behalf.

I'm not sure if this will work, but it seems to be a better route than a massive "Reply to All"

Thanks for your service,


Bob Koehler said...

I like the concept. I would prefer to see the text start with a positive statement and then move into "constructive" thoughts - something like this: "God has
called us to lives of purpose. A life of purpose requires some desire, some engagement, some
intention, some direction, and, yes, some effort. Some of us may be standing still, but God
hasn’t called us to a passive life. His desire is for us to move forward."

Justin said...

Thanks, Bob. I think you're right. I think I remember Mike making a similar suggestion and I missed it in the edit. We'll definitely make a change along those lines.

Is it clear? Would it be helpful for someone just picking it up at the Information Center?

Thanks for your input.

Justin said...

(This is an emailed response that I'm plugging in for everyone's benefit.)


I just read your e-mail with attachments and was able to open and understand the map. My question- why the rush? It's Christmas. Everyone has a full schedule. Is January that important as a target date? Questions: How is this to be used? Who is going to explain its use? If so, when and where will the roll-out take place?

Justin said...

(Here's my response to that previous email.)

I appreciate the input and questions. Regarding the issue of timing, this should have been ready after 40 Days of Community, but it just didn't happen. I figure the next best time to roll out is New Year's when people are evaluating what goals they may have for the coming year, resolutions, etc... Maybe living the purposes will be one of them!

Regarding usage, it will be explained in the service - I hope on Jan. 4. Myself or Mike will explain how it is used and it will, hopefully, be a self-explanatory self-diagnostic tool for living out God's purposes. After the initial explanation, it will be at the Info Center and maybe be mentioned every now and then in the worship folder.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Justin said...

(Another comment via email for y'all to chew on.)

I am concerned that the first page is much too wordy. Can you cut down the verbage and get the same idea across? The graphics are eye catching. I like the map page. It gives clear suggestions for getting involved.

Justin said...

(My response):

Thanks for the input. I was afraid of that on the first page. I'll see what I can do to make it shorter and still complete. Any ideas are appreciated. I'll pass on your compliments for design to Lauren. I agree that she did a great job. Let me know if you have any more questions.

john said...


Low tech user just had his comment erased as he went to create blogger account, whatever that is. Now i have one. Bob is right on. otherwise it looks good and the timing is great. nothing like a spiritual challenge to kick the holiday blahs of over eating, over gifting and over relativing.


The Time is Now said...

When I look at this map, I don't see an end goal. It seems to be a never ending cycle, which is fine if that's what you are trying to communicate. Under "How does this map work" it says you can do this journey in whatever order you prefer, but the classes have to be done in a certain order and those are shown on the map as action points. Seems like a contradiction to me. Also, the language in this same section implies, at least to me, that there is an end goal as you "check things off" along the the journey, yet, as stated above, this map communicates no starting or ending points. Just a couple of my thoughts that haven't been mentioned yet. thanks.

Justin said...

Good comments. Thanks. We're addressing some of those. We'll have the gospel (probably too briefly) as a starting point and a mountain will be in the middle with Christlikeness (or a cross) at the top and the road looping around so you drive by the signs repeatedly in your vertical journey toward becoming like Jesus.

Thanks for the comments.