Thursday, December 4, 2008

Which Bible for 2009?

I try to read through the Bible each year. I just finished the King James Version for 2008. Any suggestions on which version I should tackle for 2008? I’ll be reading my Greek New Testament, but I need another translation for the Old Testament. (Notice that I’ll be reading the NT with English on the facing page. I’m reading it because my Greek is weak, not because it’s strong).



Lee Jones said...

Try the New English Translation (or NET Bible). The translation notes (like the Geneva Bible) are fantastic. I liked it so much I helped put together the e-Sword module and the PocketPC version.

I have a bonded leather one if you would like to see it, but the full text is also available online at

They distribute the full text freely, and reserve the translation notes for their website and purchased copies. But, like I said, you can read the translation notes online to get a feel for it.

It was commissioned by DTS, but from what I have read the translation committee was very careful to avoid theological biases.

Justin said...

I decided to read the RSV OT this year because my mom, in her most recent trip down here, gave me her old Bible. It's the one I remember her using when I was a kid. I was often bored in church so I'm sure the pictures in there (occasional pics, not a picture Bible) will bring back memories.