Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christ and Culture: The Center Positions

The next three chapters deal with more centrist positions than the two extremes we’ve looked at. It faces the reality that, while the extremes may be clear, most people operate in the grey. This is not because they’re wishy-washy (though this may be the case for some). They are theologically grounded on the fact that God created the world and sent Christ to it (so it ought not be abandoned) and yet it is fallen and in need of grace (so it ought not be exalted). This view recognizes sin and the need for grace and obedience (even if all don’t agree on what it looks like – e.g., Catholics and Protestants). One cannot love God without loving his neighbor, which he sees, thus caring for the world. The views to follow are here called synthesists, dualists, and conversionist. Each will be titled by Christ’s relation to culture as we move forward.

As I was reading this intro to the next few chapters, I thought, “I’m in this group.” But I’m curious to see where I land among the three positions.

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