Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Club (Nerd Club) Friday: Church Unique, Chapters 9-10

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It's been a few weeks since we've covered Church Unique, but we're back at it. I'm not sure if my partners are still with me, but we'll roll it out this week and see where we stand. This week we'll cover chapter 9, "Discover Your Kingdom Concept," which led to some great discussions in staff meeting a few months ago. I'm looking forward to looking deeper into and seeing some of the principles behind our specifics. I hope to get into it in the next day or two, but feel free to comment and set the table in the meantime.

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Justin said...

This chapter is the best so far. I know I should know this, or I should have thought of it, but I don’t and haven’t. I tend to think of culture broadly and the church broadly (both through books, usually), but this is focusing on the micro-aspects of your local situation – both church and community. That’s great missions work, but I like the added dimension of leadership as well. It is clear that who the leader is affects the ministry and this takes the leader into account without making it all about the leader. I also liked how, when a Kingdom Concept, is reached, the ministries that might feel on the ‘outside’ can find their significance in how they relate to the overall direction of the church – even if it isn’t as autonomously as they would like. A direction/Kingdom Concept does not mean someone’s out in the cold, necessarily.