Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day History: John Chrysostom & the Bible

I just started Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers by Christopher Hall. I got the book for free and, since most of the fathers he speaks of are guys I’ve already read about as I read through Schaff’s church histories, I thought, “Now or never” in terms of reading and being even slightly interested in Hall’s slim volume.

The other day I found a nice ‘quotable’ that can encourage us, coming out of the Lenten/Easter season to keep going (or start anew) our commitment to reading the Scriptures.

“…get a copy of the New Testament, the Apostle’s epistles, the Acts, the Gospels, for your constant teachers. If you encounter grief, dive into them as into a chest of medicines; take from them comfort for your trouble, whether it be loss, or death, or bereavement over the loss of relations. Don’t simply dive into them. Swim in them. Keep them constantly in your mind. The cause of all evils is the failure to know the Scriptures well” (p. 96).

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