Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ordination #1c: "Preparation for Ministry"

The candidate’s preparation for ministry.

After returning from Portugal, I needed a place for training and my pastor’s daughter was at Christian Heritage College (El Cajon, CA) in the San Diego area (now San Diego Christian College). Since he was letting his daughter go, it must not be that bad. I earned my B.A. in Biblical Studies and served as a Resident Assistant and Resident Director. From there I went to Talbot School of Theology (La Mirada, CA) for my M.Div. in Missions and then my Th.M. in New Testament, which consisted primarily of classes on the gospels and my thesis: Theology of Mission in Matthew.

Most of my practical molding in ministry – successes and failures – came through Cypress Church. Before we came on staff, I was driving a forklift to pay for seminary and working to start a young marrieds class that never really got going very strong, but it was a good experience. In the summer of 2000 I took on the college ministry under the senior leadership of Bill Hull and came on full time a couple years later, overseeing missions and college, along with some oversight of children’s ministry. When Bill left, many adult ministries were shifted to my responsibility during the interim. It was an overwhelming time, but God has been faithful in bringing a great senior pastor to work with, Mike McKay, who is helping me learn to juggle these areas of ministry and move them forward to fulfill God’s purposes.

God wants to use you in ministry. How have you been prepared to be used by God right now? What are you going through now that God might use in the future?

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