Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Annunciation and Magnificat (Section 3d of the Nameless Luke Advent Thingee)

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A Simple Girl’s Faith

Read Luke 1.38

This verse is stunning. Its simplicity is unnerving. Powerful. Convicting.

Yesterday we looked at the cost Mary would pay for carrying the Messiah in her womb. At best she’d be looked at suspiciously; at worst killed for being an adulterer. Expected outcome: divorce and eventual destitution because no man would have her.

Now, the mission she’s given is breathtaking, to be sure. She will give birth to the Messiah, the Hope of Israel, the Hope of the World.

But let’s face it. She’s pretty special. She’s been selected for an opportunity above anyone else in all of human history. Good thing she wasn’t a negotiator. Maybe she would have requested some social standing – in her own time and place, not the respect she’s received since. Maybe she could ask for some financial comfort; instead, she’s the wife of a carpenter. At least a change of venue? Maybe God could relocate her to a town that didn’t know the story.

There are perhaps better requests she could have made … but she doesn’t. Her response is simple. Faith-full. Amazing.

“I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”

She’s giving God a blank check with her life. We like that idea until it comes to actually doing it. Then it’s a bit less romantic. What keeps you from giving God that blank check, from making Mary’s statement your own?

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