Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Annunciation and Magnificat (Section 3f of the Nameless Luke Advent Thingee)

The Underdog Song

It might be too crass to dub The Magnificat, the Underdog Song, but it seems to fit. Don’t get me wrong, Mary’s song is beautiful and poetic, but “The Magnificat” sounds so magnificent and majestic. And it is, but the content is unexpected.

Kings and queens are majestic. But God lifts the humble in this song. Royalty is magnificent, but rulers are brought down in this psalm of praise. I guess more than anything else, it highlights that God is the Magnificent One and He proves it by working through the weak, the weary, and the broken. It’s all over Luke – even in this beautiful song of rejoicing from Mary.

We can’t escape the reality that God loves the unlovable, the powerless, the weak. I think it’s because they are the closest to genuine humility – generally speaking. And God does His best work with the humble.

Read Mary’s Song and realize that this is a young girl, a teenager, who is giving up a lot of comfort in life and yet she still manages to praise God. She delights in God’s willingness to use the humble, to use her. Soak in the song. Read it a few times and ask God what He wants to teach you about worship and surrender and humility.

Read Luke 1.46-56

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