Thursday, December 24, 2009

Messiah Arrives (Section 5b of the Nameless Luke Advent Thingee)

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

It’s still a day away on the calendar, but I got it pretty close, didn’t I? We celebrate tomorrow, but I hope the birth of Jesus in our text today gets you in the mood to celebrate like shepherds tomorrow. This has been a month of preparation and our passage today reveals more preparation. God’s entrance into human history isn’t without some foundations being laid in the hearts of men. Let’s look at today’s text.

Read Luke 2.1-7

Did you see everything going into this? Rulers are ruling. Subjects are traveling. Lots of human activity. Secular history. All of this political, earthly, secular stuff is happening at this most religious of seasons. What’s going on? Maybe there’s no such thing as secular history. Maybe God is at work in these rulers and kings and census counters and men and women traveling to their home city. Maybe God is sovereign after all and the hearts of kings are turned by the Almighty God.

He’s big enough. Strong enough. Wise enough. But then we walk into the paradox. If He’s big enough to direct traffic so wonderfully and subtly, why does He make His Son’s entrance so grimy and unspectacular?

History is coming together for this perfect time. God has worked it out. And when it’s time for the grand entrance … A baby is born. In a manger. In an obscure town.

As Christmas is upon us, let this odd paradox settle in your mind. Remember that there’s a God too big to figure out and yet willing to make Himself small, to become a person to show us how great His love is for us. He sent His Son.
Don’t forget to celebrate Jesus, God with us tonight and tomorrow.

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