Friday, December 25, 2009

Messiah Arrives (Section 5c of the Nameless Luke Advent Thingee)

Angels Sing ‘Happy Birthday!’

Kinda. OK, not at all. But they do announce that Jesus, the Messiah has been born in Israel.

Read Luke 2.8-14

Much is made of the shepherds. Some talk about how lowly and despised they are. Others say it was a moderately honorable job – even if not lucrative. The Lord is our shepherd in Psalm 23. So it wasn’t a totally scandalous vocation. Either way, they’re probably neutral at best. Maybe neutral isn’t the word I’m looking for. It might be better to say they aren’t movers and shakers. They aren’t difference-makers. They are largely anonymous.

And yet God sends the angel to them. What about Quirinus or Caesar Augustus (Luke 2.1-2)? No angels sent there.

We’re celebrating the coming of the King, Messiah Jesus. If anyone should want to make a splash before important people, it would be God Incarnate, right? He needs some credibility.

No. That’s how we do it. We look forward to a Christmas event with dignitaries – tree lightings or parades. There’s something dignifying about having important people around.

I guess God doesn’t need dignifying. He goes for the guys on the hillside watching sheep, not rulers of nations. I think that’s beautiful. It gives me hope. He isn’t interested in engaging and blessing and calling the most talented around. I still have hope!

He opens the door to the humble, those who want to worship Him. Delight in the reality that God loves you as you are and is calling you to worship Him this Christmas season.

This story reminds us that the door to God has been swung open wide by Jesus’ arrival on the scene and work at the cross. All are welcome to walk through.

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