Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Silence is Broken (Section 2c of the Nameless Luke Advent Thingee)

The Promise

I don’t know what you imagine angels to be like, but if you imagine they’re the chubby little babies that you see on stationery, you’re wrong. You don’t want to pinch the cheeks of an angel when you encounter them. You want to die a quick, painless death – or worship them. Neither is acceptable.

Zechariah encounters an angel while offering sacrifice and receives a wonderful promise.

Read Luke 1.11-17.

Imagine hearing that promise. Imagine the joy! And it won’t be just joy for John, but for many people. John’s personal happiness is in view here, but the promises also communicate something important to all people.

God is on the move. God is at work in a special way – like He was in the time of Elijah. God’s people are going to flourish in all of this and his son is going to be in the middle of it. (Can you see John swelling with pride? I think I can.)

John actually plays a vital role of liking the OT prophets to the message of Jesus. He is a transitional player in the story of God’s salvation. God is at work and John gets to be part of it.

God has invited each of us to be part of His work. Perhaps none of us are as pivotal to the whole story as John, but God is calling us to be transitional players in the lives of those He is calling all around us.

What can you do this Christmas to point to Jesus – just like John was born to do?

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