Friday, March 9, 2007

Young Adult Ministry (YAM): Fellowship

Thanks for a great night again at the Bujarski's. I enjoyed spending time getting to know some people in small groups that I didn't know as well. I hope you were encouraged in getting to know some people, too. Maybe you'll even invite some of your new Christian friends over to watch "Lord of the Rings!" We talked a lot about fellowship tonight. Feel free to share anything you'd like to add to the discussion, or where you need to grow in fellowship and what you're going to do about it this week.

I need to track down some more people and invite them to next Thursday. There are some people who weren't interested in the college group so I figure they wouldn't be interested in the YAM, either. This is a new thing so I need to get over it, and my own insecurity, and make sure I give them an invite on Sunday.

What about you? Where do you need to grow in fellowship?

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