Thursday, March 29, 2007

Young Adult Ministry (YAM): Outreach

I know we were missing a bunch of folks tonight, but it was another good night, in my opinion. Be sure to be thinking how God would have you make a positive difference in the lives of others this week. Also be sure to pray and invite people to watch The Passion of the Christ. Nobody picked up any invite cards after the meeting so, if you need the address it is: 5172 Marion Ave., Cypress 90630.

For discussion's sake ... "Where is God growing you in reaching out?"


Kelli said...

:( I'm bummed I missed out last week. . . Having the flu bug is not fun.

But I'm so glad to have seen Sarah and her sister come that evening! My spring quarter just started this week, and unfortunately a class that I must take this quarter has been scheduled for Thursday evenings, 5:30-9:30. I'm going to see if I can find some way around this. . .but if it is the only availabe class I'm going to be missing out on Thursday nights for the next 11 weeks, including the Passion of the Christ showing. I'm frustrated more than anything, as I had wanted to invite my best friend and her boyfriend, who is currently not saved, to come this Thursday. . .

We'll see if perhaps there is another class openning or some way I can make it to Thursdays this quarter. <:/

God continues to open doors in other areas of my life. . . I've received a new job offer with a company close to home-- JMP Creative. They are looking for concept artists/animators, and I have an interview coming this Monday. Please keep this in your prayers. :)



Justin said...

Bummer about your new class, Kelli. We'll pray something else works out. And even if it doesn't we'll keep you posted on what's happening. The film was great last night, if you can call it "great." Maybe powerful or sobering is more appropriate. Sorry you missed it. Hope to see you at the Good Friday/Easter services this weekend.