Friday, May 7, 2010

Catalyst Recap: Andy Stanley (Opening General Session 4/22)

Andy Stanley officially opened the conference subtitled, “Unusual Tomorrow.” It was a pretty simple message that’s good for us anytime, not just at the beginning of a conference. We need to lead to create a better tomorrow and God has given us vision, but life beats our vision down. Stanley said, “Your vision will never be larger than what you believe is possible.” The challenges of life beat our belief down.

“Don’t let the realities of today crush your dreams for tomorrow.” The spread of Christianity is undeniable and unexplainable (from the beginning). And how did it happen? The church.

To conclude: “More is possible than you could ever imagine.”

The fact that this was at the beginning of the conference means I lost the power of the message in the barrage of lessons given. I needed to hear this again. I need clarification on my dreams and maybe some tinkering, but lately I’ve been discouraged, ready to dismiss them or let them fade away. It seems changes are afoot, but it shouldn’t be based on a lack of hope and faith, but because vision is being clarified.

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