Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Day History: St. Augustine’s City of God

I’m a pastor. Sometimes I think I’m paid to talk. I’m paid to preach, give advice, be a ‘spiritual director.’ But I’m rebuked by St. Augustine’s description of a powerful moment in his ministry. He’s talking about different healings happening during his time as a church leader. On one such occasion, everyone was going crazy praising God going into the service. And this is how the service progressed after this time of healing…

Silence being at last obtained, the customary lessons of the divine Scriptures were read. And when I came to my sermon, I made a few remarks suitable to the occasion and the happy and joyful feeling, not desiring them to listen to me, but rather to consider the eloquence of God in this divine work (p. 830-831).
A great reminder that we are to always point to God’s eloquence in His divine work. Sometimes that means speaking. Sometimes it means keeping silent and just pointing the way.

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