Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catalyst Recap: Louie Giglio (General Session 4/22)

The first day ended with a great evening of worship led by Christ Tomlin and speaking by Louie Giglio. Giglio is known for some pretty amazing sermons online and his leadership with the Passion conferences. But he’s also just jumped into pastoral ministry, planting his first church. His message was a great basic reminder to all of us.

When he’s asked what kind of church he wants to be, he says, “An Acts 2 Church.” That’s great. But then he asked the question, “What did the Acts 2 church want to be?” They didn’t have an example. They had the Holy Spirit, the resurrection, and Jesus’ teaching.

Guess what?

We have those, too.

And if we want a movement like the early church, we need to be confident and lead confidently in God’s Word, trusting in the Holy Spirit and the Risen Christ.

That’s it. This ain’t rocket science. It’s unfortunate that I need reminders like this one, but I’m grateful to receive it. I need it.

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