Monday, June 11, 2007

Sabbatical #10: "I charge you to remember that you are a Christian"

Alexander’s life had its share of heartache, including the loss of his eldest son in a duel and the mental breakdown of his eldest daughter. Knowing his wife may have to endure another loss, including the loss of her mother, Hamilton wrote the following after noting he would not shoot Burr in the duel:

“This must increase my hazards and redoubles my pangs for you. But you had rather that I should die innocent than live guilty. Heaven can preserve me and [I humbly] hope will, but in the contrary event, I charge you to remember that you are a Christian.” (Chernow 697)
He wanted to remind her to take solace in her faith and the hope of their reunion. Eliza was a strong believer who worked diligently to care for widows and orphans (see James 1.27). He encouraged her to let her faith guide her through difficult times.

How has/can “remembering that you are a Christian” affected your decisions?

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