Monday, June 4, 2007

Sabbatical #2: Sabbatical Expectations

Note: This post was meant to go out a day or two ago (it is June 5 right now) so I put it down as June 4 so the chronology of the posts follow a logical progression. I'll probably post the "sabbatical plan" in the next day or two.

Given my thoughts in the last post, I obviously have some expectations of good time with God. It will be important to remember some of the things I learned in the 201 class from Paul and Terry (If you haven’t taken the class you’re missing out. I learn something new every time from those guys.), specifically that God isn’t on my timetable. I need to lay aside expectations that God will speak to me, but to work hard to cultivate the interior life such that I could “hear” Him when He does speak. If I can train my ear, or at least get further along on the training process, this will be a most fruitful time – even if it doesn’t bear fruit until much farther down the line.

One temptation will be to “produce” insights. One fear I have is that I won’t have any great “experience” to share when I return, or even in the process of blogging about what’s happening with me. Do you ever have that temptation to sound more “spiritual” or “insightful” than you really are? (Too much self-disclosure here?) God help me from making this great opportunity I’ve been given into an opportunity for pious pharisaism!

I hope you enjoy listening in on the process, but please be patient if it doesn’t seem like much is happening. And help me be patient with myself as I wait on God’s timing as well.

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